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Hi All


I have tried a number of PES forums in the hope of finding an answer to a major annoyance when playing PES 2018 MyClub co-op online on Xbox One. 


The issue or annoyance I am experiencing is with Co-op online play. When you link up with a friend it pulls through what I believed to be the 'best' players from both squads. This was my logic until I span a black card Roberto Carlos LB. He is 89 rated. Neither me or my friend have any better rated LB's within either of our squad's, yet Roberto Carlos still doesn't pull through as a co-op squad member when playing online into our combined squad. I have checked manager levels for myself and my friend and shouldn't be an issue there. We've tried removing all other Left Back's out of our squads but then it doesn't pull through a Left Back at all despite Carlos being in my starting line-up. I've also checked his contracts & he has plenty. 


Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any thoughts as to where I am going wrong here?


Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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