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Better On-Screen Keyboard Driver required I fail press CTRL-ALT-DEL virtual key minimal selective boot mode

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Barlien66637    0

Hi Neowin Forums,


I bought Windows Server 2012 Standard R2 many years ago when new but haven't used it for serious work. I recently tried it in an Uruk GNU/Linux virtual machine.

I go and install the GUI in VirutalBox. I find I have to use the On-Screen Keyboard to login as CTRL-ATL-DEL is not supported on my keyboard through VirtualBox. However when I install the 3D-video Guest Additions I find I need to reboot the machine in a special way first. So I fire up Computer Configuration in Windows Server Adminstrative Tools i think and choose selective startup and minimal mode from one of the tabs. When I reboot (supposedly) into this mode I find the On-Screen Keyboard does not load. No error.


What can I do? Do i need to fix my physical driver with VirtualBox or should I need to enable more than minimal mode to allow access to the On-Screen Keyboard?

What do you think? Maybe I shouldn't load Windows into an FSF(Free Software Foundation)-endorsed Linux Distro. But then again why does it work in one?




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