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DNS query in Windows Server 2016

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davy141    0

Hi there,


I have a server running Windows Server 2016 and have changed the primary DNS server to ns1.domain.com and keeps reverting back to name.domain.local. It also keeps re-appearing in the DNS Servers list after been deleted.


The zone is different to the local one and is an internet facing zone which is used for email and website.


Is there anyway to make the changes permanent?




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sc302    1,722

You don’t want to change the name of the existing ad domain.  You want to add another zone if that is what you are after.  Changing the name of your existing domain would require you to rebuild or migrate your internal domain. 


Why do you care what your internal domain name is?  Your internal and external domains should be different.   Current best practice is to name your internal domain something like ad.external.com so that when you register you name with an ssl cert it goes with the domain you own and creates less of a headache to get a public ssl from a ssl provider.  

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linettereed    2

I agree with sc302 here, if internal domain name is not your concern then you can register your name with an ssl cert by naming internal domain like ad.external .com. By doing so you will get the name that you will own and leaves you less worried to get a public ssl from a ssl provider.

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