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How to Share Outlook Calendar as a Subscription

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Sir Topham Hatt    273

Is there a way I can share an Outlook calendar more like some sort of RSS (?) feed?

I have a group of people and I've created a calendar with some events in Outlook.com.  I want to share it with the group but the only option I have is to email specific people.


Is there not a "get sharing link" available any more?


The only way I can think is to "share" it to a Gmail address (which will keep it updated), then see if gmail will give me a sharable link from there?





Seems they have hidden away the feature.  From this Microsoft link, which is out of date now, I find:

Cog/Settings > Options > Shared Calendar > Publishing


And I guess the ICS file will automatically download updates whenever the client has set their email provider to?

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