Looks like Microsoft just picked up Playground Games.

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UK developer Playground Games could be about to be acquired by Microsoft(NASDAQ:MSFT). A PDF document posted on the UK Government’s Companies House website reveals that on May 29th, Keith Ranger Dolliger was appointed as a new director within Playground Games.

Even the service address listed points to Microsoft, and that’s no coincidence. A quick Google search shows that Mr. Dollinger has been a Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Business and Corporate Development at Microsoft Corporation for quite a long time. Furthermore, and here’s the bulk of the rumor, he has been appointed as Director on a long list of companies such as LinkedIn, Rare, Skype, Lionhead, Groove Networks, Havok, Xamarin and more. What do all these companies have in common? That’s easy – at some point, they were acquired by Microsoft.






No idea how this hasn't happened sooner with the war chest of overseas funds, specially with Playground releasing the best racing series of the generation even if it is Forza branded.


Can't wait to see their other title in production at E3 if it has enough ready for us yet.


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George P

Good move IMO, if you're going to work more on first party then you need the studios to do it, specially if they can do more than one game series at a time.

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Hopefully they don't get stuck making Forza for the rest of their days. We already have one studio on that :/

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