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Why do I get to see this at times ??


saurabhdua    53

Hi there!


Why do I encounter the following transition while surfing the Most legible & sane of sites ??!

As soon as I hit 'refresh' - it goes away!


Does this suggest some form of 'monitoring' at the ISP level, OR some sophisticated Firewall deployed anywhere in the hierarchy of the Internet ?


By the way this time it showed up en route to - http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31992432-Routers-Please-help-suggest-more-on-this


Inputs will be sincerely appreciated.


Thank you. 


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+goretsky    919



I did not see a reply to my earlier question, so I am going to ask it again:


          Did you ask your Internet provider if they are blocking the site?


This seems like a simple enough question to ask, followed by something along the lines of:


          Well, I am a paying customer and wish to visit this site.  Please unblock it now.


Do not be embarrassed to contact your Internet provider because the site(s) you are trying to visit contain pornography, gambling or other topics to which some people might object.  You are just one more caller to the technical support department and the technician you will speak with is far more interested in finishing up the call and taking the next one than anything else.


Now, if it turns out they are blocking the site(s), and it is the result of some government action, you are a bit more limited.  You can find out if there is a party which opposes government Internet filtering, vote for them, and encourage your friends and family to vote for that party as well.  And, encourage them to encourage others as well.  That is how movements change things.  They start off small at first and can grow over over time.




Aryeh Goretsky


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