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Are there any printable images to test alignment, besides built in test?

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Izlude    101

Hey folks, trying to align this silly printer.  WF-7610 Epson.  I noticed my fonts or black lines are doubled (or hallow? hard to tell what it is).   Head Cleaning tests show no blockage.

I'm doing a realignment. Unlike my last printer, which died.. this one has some weird thing going on with the banding in the built in print tests.  Normally you choose the one with the least amount of bands, except there appear to be two that might be acceptable.  Which one do I go for?  (refer to attached image)

Next would be the second test.  The gray boxes never seem to perfectly touch.  I either have to choose one that has an overlap, or one that has a slight white line between.  Which is the better of the two?

Finally, is there a specialized picture that I can print that can show me if my alignment is ok?  Similar to those TV line pattern tests, except made for printers?


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