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Here is a Neowin Folder for your bookmark bar

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+warwagon    13,212

Here is an updated Neowin folder for your Bookmark Bar. I don't know how many of you still use bookmarks, personally, I use the ###### out of this folder. This has the entire layout of the forum in an easy to access folder structure. I modified it recently due to Steve Cleaning up the forum. Below are the changes in case anyone is wondering what kind of cleanup Steve has been up to. Some of it is old changes I just now changed on my Neowin bookmark folder. If you import this into your browser and then sync it onto your phone you can then tap through the folders to easily  select the forum you want.






Removed overclocking
Removed Drivers Discussion & Assistance
Removed Mac Discussion and support
Removed Netbook, Tablet & Mobile Devices
Removed Media (iPod/MP3) Players
Removed OS customizations Folder
Removed Confirmed (Open)
Removed Subscriber Support
Removed Won't Fix / Non Bugs 
Removed Fixed Closed
Removed folder Site & Forum Issues
Removed Unix / Linux Discussion & Support  inside the Linux/Unix folder
Removed Live Services
Removed Server Support
Removed Microsoft Beta
Removed Folder Windows Discussion & Support
Removed Web Design & Program Link
Removed Backpage news
Removed Internet, Network & Security
Remvoed Internet, Network & Security Folder
Removed Folder Tablet, Media, Device & Smartphones
Removed folder Hardware Hangout
Removed Netbook, Tablet & Mobile Devices
Added short to Site & Forum Issues in root
Renamed Apple (Mac) Support to Apple MacOS
Renamed Windows Phone to Windows Phone/Mobile
Renamed Unix / Linux Discussion & Support to Linux/Unix
Renamed Microsoft Console to Microsoft Console (Xbox)
Renamed Microsoft Insider Previews to The Fast Ring (Insider Previews)
Moved iPhone/iOS into Apple MacOS
Moved Windows Phone/Mobile into Microsoft Windows
Moved The Fast Ring (Insider Previews) into Microsoft Windows
Moved OS Customizations and reamed it to Tips, Tweaks & OS customization.
Created Folder "Microsoft Windows"
Created Link  The Cloud (Internet, Network, VPN & Security)



https://www.dropbox.com/s/aghm81bxhcbt7r2/Bookmarks Origonal.html?dl=0


I would recommend backing up your current bookmarks before importing this one in case something goes funky., I created this in chrome, but its in HTML forum so should work in Firefox too.

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