Microsoft's 'Xbox Community Content' platform could bring more mods to Xbox One games.

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George P

Microsoft has been rumored to be looking more deeply into mod support for Xbox One for quite a while, thanks to job listings we wrote about in the past. Now, thanks to some internal documents, we have a better idea of how Microsoft plans to turn Xbox One into a great platform for mods and for developers who want to allow mods in their games.




This could be very big if true and done right.

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This would be amazing as you say if it's done right. There are so many games that could benefit from mod support.

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George P
6 hours ago, Skiver said:

This would be amazing as you say if it's done right. There are so many games that could benefit from mod support.

It's dev controlled in the end, so it's up to them to to allow it and to what extent, but I think that's the right way to have it set up.  Also making it a standard/common way across multiple games helps the creators in the end.   It also makes the platform just a bit more open, and since it sounds like it's coming to Xbox that should translate, one would hope, to the Windows Store as well.

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