Drivers for modem crash WinXP...

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I recently downloaded WinXP Pro CorpEd and I absolutely love it, its great... except for the fact that when I try installing my Zoom External v.92 USB modem drivers WinXP completely locks up and I am forced to hard reset. The drivers worked fine under Win2k and Win98SE... is there something wrong with WinXP? Does anyone know anything about WinXP drivers for that modem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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My brother ran into a problem dialing up with his modem in XP. It would mask his short password with several masks. He was wiping them out and retyping his password. Windows would then crash & restart when it was verifying his username & password.

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I have WinXP pro on my laptop and it couldn't and wouldn't install the conexant 56k softwin modem because it drivers (win9x, winnt, win2k) does not support in xp.

Windows XP pro should warned you before about the incompatibility.

This is the same for Microsoft Mouse DriverLink

Even their own software driver doesn't support in WindowsXP pro

Maybe the next version will... Just Wait!

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