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Extending the Outdoor Wifi


Sir Topham Hatt    263

I have no idea how I can extend the WiFi to outside.


I have my router in one room.

I have a power line box that takes some Internet to the back room. This provides a wired connection to a PC and WiFi.

The back room is next to the garden. 


Is there a way I can extend the WiFi outside in the garden? It's not strong enough from the back room. 


Power access might be a no go.


Would something like this be good to look at? 

I don't mind it being temporary, in that the ariel can be outside all the time but I'm happy to connect it to the power line when I need it.





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xendrome    5,333

You need a good wireless mesh system with a mesh point near a window by the back of the location. Even if you get a strong antenna to send a wifi signal out to the back your device has to be strong enough to push it's communication back to the antenna. WiFi is 2 way communcation, so keep that in mind.

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+BudMan    3,425

How far away is the "outside" from a wall in your house, or a soffit under your roof?


I placed a unifi AP near my patio door in the kitchen (in the ceiling - inside the house) this provides good coverage for out on my patio.


The unifi line make some good stuff, many water resistant that would be fine like under a soffit or something covered a bit outside the house.  And they do make "outside" ones - and they are poe so you just need to run a ethernet cable too them.

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