Dropped Phone, Screen Warm, Shorter Battery Life

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Sir Topham Hatt

So I dropped my OnePlus 3T yesterday about a metre.


When I picked it up, the screen was off but the navigation buttons were lit.


Turned it off.


Turned it on again and the screen was all snowy. It's a reported issue where sometimes the screen disconnects inside. When it sort of loaded the OS, the screen was still blank.


So I took it out of the case and clicked the screen into the surround a bit more. When I turned it on again, all good and displaying as well as before.


However I've noticed when the screen is on, it seems to draw more power than it did before. The screen also gets notably hot, more than just "a bit warm". 


So I'm thinking I busted the battery and am thinking I can use this opportunity to look at new phones. Although I do like this one!


Is there anything I should look at to see if I can get this phone operating a little better?


Would rather get a new phone than send it in for a £100 repair I think. 

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Sounds like an internal issue which would require you to take apart the phone.  You can try taking it apart yourself and seeing what the problem is as well, but may be better just to take it someplace.  Also, depending on who you bought the phone from, may be covered.  I had a phone that was out of warranty and Google did a 1 time out of warranty replacement.  I also heard of Amazon replacing/refunding phones out of warranty as well.



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My initial thought is that one of the internal cels inside the battery has been damaged.  You could try replacing it and seeing if that makes any difference.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Sir Topham Hatt

Bought it direct from OnePlus so I'll see what they say.


Cheers for the thoughts ?

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Ask them and see what they say

Otherwise, probably worth a try to open it up as above posted.


I would back up Messages, Contacts etc and anything else.

If you have a backup feature, like TWRP or alike, use that backup before trying to open it up.



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