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Backpacks and Rucksacks

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Sir Topham Hatt    273

So I've had a Jansports bag for years now.

It's been stretched and seen many miles. But I'm increasingly finding it a bit cumbersome to use.


I'm looking for recommendations for a new bag that I can use for travelling. So a few days worth of clothes, but also can protect an SLR. Maybe somewhere to put cold drinks.


I quite like this:


The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/peak-design/the-travel-line-versatile-travel-backpack-packing


But I can't afford to spend £300 odd (and the rest) on a backpack.


Needs to be a backpack though as I do a fair bit of walking around.


I already have a Crumpler for my camera but it can't hold clothes or a tablet. 



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