Cricket team of India and their tour of England 2018

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I didn't know where else to go and post this so I posted it here.  I am fuming that India lost to England the first test.  The test was a cracker and I supported both teams who ever plays good cricket should win, and England are the worthy winners.


However it's the fashion they lost in.  The Indian batters Showed  NO technique to know where the off  stump is, nicking balls on good length which the english bowlers wanted to do them.  No patient of application , NO courage of mind and body and pretty much boneless performance by whole all them. Kohli was lucky to be put down so many times otherwise the losing margin would have been worse. Sharti is a arrogant ###### and Kohli is spoilt brat. And the rest are cocky bastards. Who don't even have skills for playing moving balls. My question is why do they get so much money from BCCI and IPL. This spoils them and it's bad cricket in general.


They don't even drop players that easily and keep them in the team via favouritism.  


Comments are welcomed.

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