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Cozepam 5mg diazepam from cosms

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Matty69    1


I recently bought a bunch of 5mg valium in strips. They are made by cosmos and are called cozepam. 

Im wondering if anybody has heard or taken these. They are yellow with a line on one side and the letter c on the other.

I had recently been taking 10mg valium which are the real deal. When i got these i took 1 ×5mg and it was stronger than the 10mg i had. I believe they are valium as they taste the same and the feeling is the same!. But what ive noticed is that i feel them proper but the effects dont last anywhere near as long as the 10mg i had before. Im wondering if they are another type of benzo because of the shorter life span.

It confuses me as im trying to detox from them but instead of taking 20mg a day.(which i was quite happily doing with the others i had) im finding that i have to take 25 - 30mg a day to fend off the withdrawels.

So basically what im askin or trying to say is...could these be xanax or clomazepam  or another pam but in yellow tablet form because of the difference in how long they hold me!?

Has anybody on this group had these "cozepam 5mg valium" or know anything about them???

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