Is There a Hidden Hand Behind The 'Clash of Civilizations' in Europe?


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In my last article titled "Immigration, Crimes and propaganda", I suggested that a 'clash of civilizations' is being engineered in Europe.

This conflict is manufactured by radicalizing two opposing populations: the White European natives that are encouraged to reject any form of immigration, and the migrant populations that are encouraged to reject any manifestation of white European civilization.

To reach such a goal, five complementary operations are being conducted:

  • Wars waged by the West against predominantly Muslim countries
  • The ISIS threat and the false flag terror attacks attributed to it
  • The open border policy that prevails in the EU
  • The radicalizing of migrant population through fundamentalist forms of Islam
  • The radicalizing of native populations through ultra-nationalist ideologies.


Is a clash of civilizations really engineered, or is it just the result of spontaneous human tendencies towards hate, violence and racism?

One factor that strongly argues for the former is the documented involvement of a few related groups in each of the five complementary operations listed above.

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