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Thin clients RDP to Windows Server 2016 Standard

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+xrobwx71    809


I have setup a standalone Windows Server 2008 R2, it runs my Point of Sale software in which uses SQL as it's database. I have 3, Windows 8 thin clients in which each RDP into the server and utilize the POS software. (It's running out of space)


I am upgrading to new SSD drives (RAID) and Windows 2016 Sever Standard and will let the POS vendor install the POS software and SQL to the new drives. 


What I am having a hard time finding is some simplified info on how to RDP the thin clients to the Windows 2016 Server, similar to Server 2008. I have found setting up a domain, Active Directory, ect.

In Windows 2008, I simply setup 3 users and connected each thin client to each user. This has worked fine for over 5 years but the space issue has come up. Another reason for the upgrade is, in the future ,as we have bought a second store, we will connect the second store to the server as well.

POS1 = separate user

POS2 = separate user

POS3 = separate user       

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+xrobwx71    809

I did finally come across the first link after I posted my question. I usually don't have such a hard time researching for information. This Server 2016 is very new to me.


On the second question, I have the CAL's User and RDP's ready to go. I've installed the 3 Dell 1.92 GB Enterprise SAS SSD's in the back-plane and cleared the foreign status through Dell's Openmanage. Now, I just have to go into the Lifecycle Controller to setup the RAID and install the OS. Then I need to setup the RDP for the thin clients and install the CAL's. then call the POS vendor and have them do their thing. 


I have built myself a folder of various instructions and the RDP for Server 2016 was what I was missing. I am trying to plan carefully to have as little downtime on the POS as possible.


I have observed your prowess with these issues over the years and got ahead of myself when I PM'd you. Sorry about that.


The server as it sits now in Win 2008 Server R2 with 2 SAS HDD's 15K 600GB in RAID 1. I hope to be able to add a second RAID 1 array with the SSD's, install 2016, but still be able to boot from the HDD's if things go south. (I have instructions for this)


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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