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Cannot set or even use Windows Update for Business on Win 10 1709 Enterprise

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Within Windows 10 1709 - I am struggling with the setup of  "Windows Update for Business" using local group policy.  In the GP editor - this folder appears under:


Computer Config-> Admin Templates -> Windows Components ->Windows Update->Windows Update for Business.


There are three policies that can be set - I am working with "Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received". In this policy - I want to ensure the 1803 Feature update does not suddenly install on my 1709 clients so I want to set the Readiness Level to Semi Annual Channel and the Deferral time to 240 days. I enter the values, Apply and then close the GP editor


I then go to an admin command prompt and type gpupdate.exe /force. Expecting the policies I just set - to actually be available.


But when I go to the Settings App and click Windows Update and then Advanced Options - I see nothing - the controls do not even appear on the Advanced Options dialog


I check the registry - and I see the deferral setting are written correctly under the Windows Update key


Then I was reading about the Telemetry setting located here:


Computer Config-> Admin Templates -> Windows Components ->Data Collection and Preview Builds->Allow Telemetry


Seems if this value is set to 0 (Security) (as mine was being the privacy-centric type that I am) - the Windows Update for Business values are not applied AND do not appear in the Advanced Options area of Windows Update.


So I adjusted this value to 3 (Full) and did another gpUpdate /force. But still nothing.


Then I did about three reboots and still nothing?


What gives?



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