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RTX 2080 EGPU Thunderbolt 3

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LiveAndFight    7

Hey guys,


I recently bought a 1080 laptop for work(Aorus X7 DT v8-CL4D ), which has a thunderbolt 3 port on it. I just pre-ordered the 2080 and I had a couple questions:


  1. What egpu enclosure should I get?
  2. I have a 144hz monitor, I have heard there is a 30% performance hit with egpu's using a internal monitor. If the 2080 is approx 30%-50% faster then the 1080, will the card be able to hold 144hz on games that can currently hold 144hz on my monitor?



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Mindovermaster    1,676

I am unsure if any eGPU will support the 2080. This is a pure guess. But I always like ASUS's brand.

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