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I am looking for an Android app that fully locks your phone for some hours, I have tried Flipd and Detox apps, they are good except one can use the phone by adding a new user or by using Guest account and these apps don't block it. So is there any app that also locks that multiuser thing to make the phone completely unusable?


Or is there a way to delete the user button from swipe menu?

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Nick H.

It might be an idea to describe what you're trying to achieve. The apps that you've mentioned prevent you from accessing certain applications during a period of time so that you don't become distracted, but they also represent a sign to the user trying to access the application that they should be concentrating on more important tasks. The workaround that you've provided is cumbersome for the average person to do, which means that if someone wants to go to those lengths to access a distracting application they must really want to access the app. No amount of security or preventative applications would be able to stop them.


Depending on what you're trying to do, the best suggestion I can offer is to just turn the phone off and stuff it in a drawer.


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You could use the find my device feature and lock it from there.

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