Some Cortana oddities with calendar and music


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Hi all,

Playing around with Cortana on my WIn10 PC, and running into some Cortana related issues. Everything in the Settings app and Cortana is configured and working as far as I can tell...

First one is Calendar related:
I'm running the Win10 Calendar app, and using my Google account for the appointments etc. I also added Cortana to add reminders for me,. All this works fine.
If I now ask Cortana for my schedule for say the next day, it finds results and gives me a list.
But it ONLY shows me the name of the Calendar entry, no time block or even the day, e.g. just 'Appointment X'. This makes it useless when you have multiple appointments for one, and no time table finishes it off.

Odd things is also that the Calendar entries ( in month view) are shown as  " 19 GymTime " . Hovering over it will give you the popup with a more correct " date - GymTime 19 - 20 " overview.
Clicking on  a day gives me a full overview of appointments with the correct start/end times too.
It looks like some of the information is lost for Cortana?


Funny detail is that Cortana on my phone DOES show me a nice overview of dates, time (in e.g. 19:00-20:00) and appointment entry.
Same Calendar data form Google, same MS account, same Cortana.... Jay Android?

Second one is Music:
I cannot seem to link Cortana to Groove, only online services are listed under the Music notebook. I CAN start Groove via Cortana, but cannot let Groove play an artist or alike via a Cortana request.
Anyone has a trick for this?

cheers for any tips,


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