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What's a qume qvt101plus for?

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Izlude    100

I buy all kinds of fun gadgets at Goodwill. Today I got a qume for $5. Google says terminal... But... What is it? Is it only able to function when connected to a mainframe? Does it word process stand alone? I couldn't really find much on it..


Can it be hacked for secondary use? (I see two parallel ports) one reads aux, the other says EIA. On the front is a phone jack, which I believe is for the curly wire keyboards (not included, but also wondering if it's possible to wire my own makeshift.)


All in all, it's pretty neat. Green phoshor screen, immaculate scan lines. Really hoping to do something fun with this.


Edit- omggg the keyboard is $100 uhgggg..... Ok I really do need to make my own somehow....




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goretsky    1,017



Those 25-pin D-sub ports are RS-232C serial ports.  Here's a setup guide; http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/qume/terminal/QVT-70/304082-01_QVT-70_Setup_Guide.pdf


Might be fun to hook up to a Raspberry Pi?




Aryeh Goretsky


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