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Black Screen On Boot Before Login and No Cursor- Pic Attached from remote app

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uniacidz    8

Hey all

Been a very long time since needed help but I am rattled on this one.


Mums computer Windows 7 64bit, she is 400kms away and at the moment no car and trying to sort things out remotely via team Viewer



Booting up comp or rebooting before password login sometimes 50/50 of the time shows a black screen and no cursor on her side.

Team viewer pic attached
Once running, is fine. No issues and no blue screens of late


When using team viewer, its like at 800x600 and shows the black squares when I move the mouse.

She sees nothing


I cant even reboot remotely, she has to do it.


Changed graphic drivers, virus/malware etc, changed startup and no good result and tried everything

Done a lot of checking andcan be everythign from Hardware to reinstallation of computer

Neither would be a good result.


Im thinking might be time to upgrade the computer and operating system to latest but rather try and sort this out as much as possible.




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helpifIcan    45

The only thing I can think of might be that you both are not on the latest version of Team V???????

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uniacidz    8



So today Monday (Sydney) was the day we checked peripherals and connections and hardware.


Looks like we found the culprit. Perhaps ......

10 reboots and no issue.

3 reboots with a preferred mouse with and no issues but this Razor mouse is also getting a bit worn out so haven't ruled that out entirely.


Found a Shiro Skype phone receiver via USB cable hiding at the back of the computer with very loose connection attached.

It was so well hidden that even myself when i checked a whilst back when i unplugged it all when replaced with a normal cordless didn't notice it


So for a elderly woman, undoing her computer with arthritic hands, she has done well.

Still will be upgrading the PC later on but for the initial part, looks like we found the culprit.


She was randomly rebooting as well during games with BSOD throughout the year when playing games like Dayz SA and Mod and H1Z1 and such and recently the black screens on boot.

So the Razor mouse hasn't been ruled out yet as the culprit but looking good so far but think this reciever Shiro Skype phone cable was loose in the back connection of the computer, causing the issue.

Damn proud of her 




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