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Windows 10 does not remember explorer or app position on screen [solved]

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Steven P.    14,233

So I just updated to 1809 and saw that modern app windows defaulted to the primary monitor (I have a dual monitor setup) and after looking around I discovered the answer on Microsoft support forums (but not by a Microsoft employee I might add).


By Nigel_MGC (link)


I have the answer to those of you having the same issue.


It seems the position of the window is crucial to the restore function.


Try this test: Resize your folder window to a small box in the middle of the screen (preferably over the top of an open browser page so that you can reference its position with something behind it)


Close the window and open again. It should hold its position as expected.


If you move the window close to the edge (within reach of the "snapping" range) it will reposition.


To avoid this behaviour, set your folder windows slightly away from the edge of the screen!


Hope this is helpful!

Lo and behold I set Tweetum and Foo IRC to less away from the edge of the secondary screen, closed and reopened and they opened right where I set them :)


Hope this helps someone.

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