Principled Technologies Retesting Ryzen Amid 9th Gen Core Controversy

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Principled Technologies responded to the benchmarking controversy surrounding its recent gaming benchmarking report. The report, which was paid for by Intel, pitted AMD's Ryzen processors against the Intel's new lineup of Coffee Lake Refresh processors. A closer examination of the results revealed a few test conditions that obviously could skew the results in favor of Intel's processor, including using a less-capable CPU cooler on AMD's chip,  disabling half the cores on an AMD Ryzen processor, and a listing in the test notes that said the firm overclocked the RAM on Intel's platform only. The company says that it is retesting the processors to correct the errors.





Full article @ Tom's Hardware

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+Red King

Does Ryzen has twice the number of cores? Can Ryzen systems have their RAM speeds OCed as well?

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