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Anyone here who blogs as a hobby?

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konrick    0

I just decided to create a website at a website builder called hPage (https://www.hpage.com) since I don't know how to code and setting up a website there is fast and easy and I just have to spend 5 euros a month to maintain it. I absolutely love writing since I was a teenager and I thought I'd set up a blog or website so I can share my writing to an audience instead of it being obscured and hidden in a pages of a notebook no one will read. I'm just having a hard time deciding on a niche because I have many interests.


Anyone else who have blogging as their hobby? What are your niches and how did you choose a niche? Were you also able to monetize your blog?

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PNWDweller    147

I have a blog that is for my family. I spend about $5/month for a VPS with KVM.  I know that a majority of bloggers use Google adsense for their blogs.   I used to use that for a support site I used to run for blood disorders (way before social media, Reddit took over).  Made some pretty good money, but it wasn't a lot.  I had a Google pagerank of 3 back in 2005 which was done w/o SEO or trying.  I averaged maybe $100/6 months.    Other blogs, depending on what you focus on, can bring in money by taking sponsors, companies which let you review their product for a kickback of some sort. 


Whatever you focus on in your writing, have fun with it and do not expect it to grow overnight.   You will soon learn more than you ever thought in the world of online publishing and I strongly encourage you to make sure you have secure passwords and focus on the security of your site where your provider may lack.   There are plenty of scanners out there and hackers just waiting for a chance to strike and hit an unpatched hole in your security.

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