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Guest Weasel526

How come when I create a new toolbar (ie the address bar), and move it to a new location (ie top of screen), it doesn't have the lune theme, it's just grey. I have build 2535, is this fixed in 2600?

It's kinda funny, because I was reading through the Extensive requirements in the XP catalog, and in order to get the the Optimized for Windows XP sticker you need incorperate the visual themes throughout your program, does this mean MS can't put the sticker on XP? ha.

What I'm talking about

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This is not fixed in the RTM, and I think that it should have this because it would look better.

Only the taskbar and the title bar will be affected by the theme (it will be colored blue, silver, olive, etc) and not anything else.

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RIght click and got to autohide than you don't have to look at it

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