After briefly reading about this recently i've a feeling it'll be more suited to this forum rather than the hardware forum although if a mod disagrees then feel free to move it.   Basically i have a lot of DVDs and a few blu ray discs. It got to the stage where i had to get one of those 200 disc wallet things as the cases were taking up so much room. I've had to do the same with my albums also. I've wondered recently about storing this stuff digitally. Not to try make profit out of the discs as i don't think i'd let them go tbh. It's just options i'm going over.   What i would want to do if i did back up digitally is back up the discs with NO LOSS of picture/sound quality whatsoever. I would also at the very least want to retain the option of subtitles (preferably the entire menu system including extras - so it'd be like having the disc, just on some sort of digital media). I'm not sure how many DVDs i have but i'm guessing it'll be in the 200-300 region and that's after getting rid of a load i wont watch again.   And then there's my music collection. Not quite sure what bitrate i'd need to rip at to avoid loss. Can the average person hear the difference between 192 & 256 for example? I can once you start dropping down to 128 tbh.     I've read about possibilities of being able to access what is stored to this while you're away from your home, so i guess that must need to be connected to the router, although if that requires an ongoing subscription then that's a no-no for me. I'm ok with shelling out an initial cost but not an ongoing cost.   I have a Windows 7 64bit PC with 2 drives, 1 being a blu ray drive & the other a standard DVD drive. No ripping software as yet.     As far as the movies goes, I would only be watching them on the TV in the living room (which is connected to the router via cat6 cable). My wife may wish to watch things on her iPad if that's even possible but i'd only be interested in watching movies on a proper TV.     This idea is just in the early stages for me and could easily get benched. I'm just looking for feedback from the knowledgeable people on here. Is this even worth it as an idea?