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Backing up DVD / blu ray & CD collection?


Technique    21

After briefly reading about this recently i've a feeling it'll be more suited to this forum rather than the hardware forum although if a mod disagrees then feel free to move it.


Basically i have a lot of DVDs and a few blu ray discs. It got to the stage where i had to get one of those 200 disc wallet things as the cases were taking up so much room. I've had to do the same with my albums also. I've wondered recently about storing this stuff digitally. Not to try make profit out of the discs as i don't think i'd let them go tbh. It's just options i'm going over.


What i would want to do if i did back up digitally is back up the discs with NO LOSS of picture/sound quality whatsoever. I would also at the very least want to retain the option of subtitles (preferably the entire menu system including extras - so it'd be like having the disc, just on some sort of digital media). I'm not sure how many DVDs i have but i'm guessing it'll be in the 200-300 region and that's after getting rid of a load i wont watch again.


And then there's my music collection. Not quite sure what bitrate i'd need to rip at to avoid loss. Can the average person hear the difference between 192 & 256 for example? I can once you start dropping down to 128 tbh.



I've read about possibilities of being able to access what is stored to this while you're away from your home, so i guess that must need to be connected to the router, although if that requires an ongoing subscription then that's a no-no for me. I'm ok with shelling out an initial cost but not an ongoing cost.


I have a Windows 7 64bit PC with 2 drives, 1 being a blu ray drive & the other a standard DVD drive. No ripping software as yet.



As far as the movies goes, I would only be watching them on the TV in the living room (which is connected to the router via cat6 cable). My wife may wish to watch things on her iPad if that's even possible but i'd only be interested in watching movies on a proper TV.



This idea is just in the early stages for me and could easily get benched. I'm just looking for feedback from the knowledgeable people on here. Is this even worth it as an idea?

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+BudMan    3,201
12 hours ago, Technique said:

Sure would be a shame if that NAS drive failed after all the time i put in, wouldn't it ... and i'd have to start all over again?

Yeah I brought that up some time ago... But lets CRAWL like you said before we run... You might want to mitigate the chance of loss of your time and effort just with parity vs actual backup.. I mean really how often do you actually watch all your "media"... I have all episodes of X-Files in my library for example.. Have not watched one of them in years and years, not since they were put in the library to be honest... Telling you it becomes more of a hoarder thing vs use thing.. The VAST majority of video in your library is rarely used.. Music same way..  You saw the large collection of GD I have - how would I have time to listen to all of that even if I just listened to GD for 18 hours a day... It would take me years to cycle through it ;)


So while it would "suck" if you lost your data.. Would it really be the end of the world.. You have to make the call to how much effort you also now want to put into backup - along with the cost of that.. That is why lets table that until you have some experience with the whole thing and have actually watched or listened to your first piece of media off your Media Server... And have ripped more than a handful of items before we get all tied up with backup or parity of the data, etc. etc..  To be honest - maybe a loss of media would be good, have learned a few things on ripping over the years the tools have gotten better.. I know for sure as I re added stuff to the library it would all be x265 vs 264, and when at all possible pull the subs and 5.1 or higher vs just stereo..


As to where you left off on a movie - when you go back to the movie it will be right there were you stopped it, no need to select scene or chapter to where you left off..





Here is old version of Papilion - one of my fav's  So rewatching it before check out the new 2018 version.. Also unlike optical media its super easy to go to any specific location.. See the drag button - like a youtube video lets say..  If I stop the movie and then come back later it will be at the top of the interface to continue watching..  If I want to market that watched so it drops off the main interface - can always come back to it and just jump to where I left off with fast forward or drag the button.  Or if you put chapters in your rip - then you can jump to specific chapter - which you can even label if you want when you rip ;)  Vs just chapter 1, 2 - you could label them to specific "scenes" all comes down to how anal you want to get with the process ;)


Have you never used netflix or any streaming service - its like that.. But your own media ;)  You can even have different user profiles..



So when my son's watch something (btw they do not live here) One is in SD and other is a few miles down the road.. They have their own profiles so stuff they have watched gets marked watched... When they leave something in the middle and come back they can start exactly where they left off.  And we can all be watching the same thing at the same time at different parts of the show.. Or 3 different things, etc..


It really is like your own netflix ;)


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