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Windows Reducing volume in my games when others are voice chatting


VII    14

hey guys. I've been having an issue where something is reducing my headphone output when playing games when I'm chatting with someone in discord. here's some info/ troubleshooting i've done.

  • it only happens when the other person talks
  • i have attenuation in discord off
  • in windows sound settings > communications > i have "do nothing" selected
  • i have a sound blaster ae5, pcie sound card
  • i have sound blaster connect 2 software installed selected is "headphones 7.1" from sound config options, and my amp gain is set to proper ohms for my headset (Sennheiser PC Game Zero)
  • i am running windows 10 pro, 1803 64 bit all other drivers are up to date
  • in windows sound settings > playback > speakers > properties > advanced.. i've tried turning off 'exclusive mode' settings and 'enable audio enchancements'
  • game being used for testing is call of duty: black ops 4

hoping someone has seen this and has a fix. multiplayer modes are near unplayable with the audio pinging back and forth with friends trying to make callouts

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+goretsky    920



According to Discord's help site, setting attenuation to 0% disables this behavior.  Since this is still occurring, it sounds like a bug in Discord.  I would suggest checking with the developers to confirm.




Aryeh Goretsky

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Seizure1990    252

This might sound dumb, but have you tried turning the attenuation on and then off again? I recall there being an issue where an option might glitch out and show the wrong setting in comparison to what it's actually set to, in some cases.

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