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Can't see network PC and can't connect to networked drives

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BoricuaCharles    0

This is driving me crazy. I had never had issues sharing drives from one PC on a network and allowing other devices to access them but now it seems like a nightmare to make any of it work. I have one PC sharing all the drives on the network but I am unable to see these drives from my second PC. I can't even see the PC on the network from the second PC but I can see the second PC just fine from the other one. The system doesn't seem to work both ways. I was able to set up the drives a month ago by manually entering the PC name even though  I could not see the PC on the network through explorer. but because the second PC was having hard drive issues I had to restore Windows and send it to be repair. A temporary replacement also had issues with network drives but I was eventually able to get them to work though every time the PC restarted the drives never reconnected instantly, always took a little bit for them to work properly. Now that I got the original second PC back from being repaired I can't connect to the network drives, it says I don't have permission even though nothing was changed on the first PC.  I have tried so many things and nothing seems to make it as easy as it was before. Here's what I have done so far:


1) I have 2 Windows 10 PCs, a desktop (PC A) and a laptop (PC B). PC A is the main PC with the extra drives. I went into each drives properties and went into the sharing tab and shared each giving full permission to everyone on the network to access the drives. I also shared the main drive on the laptop just in case I needed it.


2) I have the 2 PCs set to the same workgroup and network, one through ethernet, the other on WiFi.


3) I checked the following services as told by several sites to make sure they were running: Function Discovery Discovery Resource Publication  (Running) (automatic), UPnP Device Host service  (Running) ( manual) and Computer Browser (Running) (Manual)


4) I made sure smb 1.0 was on


5) I pinged PC A from PC B and it was fine


6) I released and renewed the ipconfig


7) I made sure the PC time setting were the same on both PCs though oddly enough before I did this I managed to get PC A to show up on PC B's explorer screen after turning on smb 1.0 but I didn't have access to it, now I can't see it at all again


8) I tried setting up the network drives by entering the PC name manually, it worked a month ago but now I can't access the drives (see image below for error)


I'm sure I have tried other things but I can't remember them all right now. I just want to be able to see PC A from any PC on the network but I can't and now I can't even set up the network drives manually because of the error below. Nothing was changed on PC A, I don't understand why I can't access it anymore even though it worked a few weeks ago just fine when set up manually. I am able to see PC B from PC A just fine and set up network drives on PC A from PC B just as it supposed to be done. But I can't get it done from other PCs. Can someone please tell me what I could be doing wrong that I can't simply see PC A on the network page of explorer?


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