Arranging photos in a folder

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Greetings all ~


:: full disclosure:: 


I did ask this question to a different forum .. 


I also asked MS Support about this .. and they suggested to "roll back" my system OR  update to the newest  version update of Win 10 and  see if it solves the issue .. neither or which   I'm willin to do at this particular point ..   .. so i come here asking Neowinians  for potential support in this .. 


THe following is a DIRECT copy and paste of my own personal post from a different forum  asking for assistance of my issue .. 


Currently, I have multiple folders with LITERALLY hundreds (collectively) of photos in them from different trips I have taken as well as pictures from or of friends mine all of which have the "default" (alpha numeric) file name as they were on mine and/or my friends phone or digital camera. 

Due to the sheer amount of the pictures it would, of course, be very tedious to go along and rename each individual picture or even to bulk rename them. 

What I am looking for is a way to CUSTOM arrange the photos the way I would like to in each individual folder regardless of the "default" file name. As it stands now I can ONLY use the Windows standard arranging i.e. by date, time name, last accessed or modified, etc. 

I have done some research about this and apparently (and I have been able to do this before) MS has 'conveniently' removed this ability as of a particular update in Windows 10 .. with no apparent ability to restore this ability.

I do know there is potentially a batch file or some such method available to be able to bring this functionality, but apparently that method is only a temporary fix, as soon as the system is rebooted or power cycled OR the folder you were working is is closed and re opened the ability to custom arrange does not work anymore or the custom arrangement is no longer the way it was.

So, with all of the above taken into account, does anyone have any knowledge of any 3rd party solution OR a registry edit or 'hack' that I could use to force or bring this ability back to my Win 10 system ? Either method would be fine with me. My system is Win 10 Pro updated to the latest release(non preview). 

Thanks in advance.


If you need any other additional info  feel free to ask .. and i will provide it  :)

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