any programs for windows still exist where you can move the entire screen a few pixels to the left?

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hey, i briefly recall in the older windows days a 3rd party program to allow you to move your entire screen a few pixels to the left


basically ive got an older macbook air with a few dead pixels on the very right edge, if the entire screen was moved a few pixels to the left this would be barely noticeable - anyone know of any programs for either windows or mac os that could do this for a macbook air 2008? see image below!



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For Windows, depending on the GPU, the graphics card driver usually has options for adjusting this (usually there to resolve overscan issues on TV's).

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As this is for a built in display i'm not sure if the option will be available, however over scan / under scan options might exist. If so then you could enable a bit of under scan and get an equal boarder around the screen where nothing was displayed.


On Windows this should be an option on the GPU driver settings, you can certainly do this with ATI cards as I have to enable over scan on my HTPC to use 100% of the screen. I seem to remember these options exist on OSX also, however might only be accessible for external displays.

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