Citrix apps are black on extended monitor setup

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Hey guys, came across a weird issue and I am wondering if it is just me. The last few insider builds, maybe even before that, I am having this issues. My Surface Book display runs at 200% scaling (default) and when I connect an external monitor, they are set to 100% scaling. An issue I have come across is when I attempt to do remote work, if I launch any of my office apps via citrix, the app will be displayed in a black box with nothing readable. If I move the app back to the surface screen, it is fine but if I then drag it to my external monitor the app is black. If i set the surface to 100% scaling everything works as normal. I have yet to try setting my external to 200%, but that would make the text so large it would defeat the purpose. Wondering if anyone has come across this.

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You can mark this is solved. Apparently this has been happening for many iterations of citrix, they are aware yet there hasnt been a fix implemented. Depending on the build of Windows 10, you either disable "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" via compatibility tab of wfcrun32.exe; or if your build doesnt have that you need to go to compatibility, change high dpi settings at the bottom select override and choose application.

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