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I am using Windows 10 1803 17134.441 and this recently started happening since a Windows update. Whenever I move files or extract a zip the explorer doesn't show me the folder or the file moved until I right click and press "Refresh". Googling doesn't show this as a known issue and I am not sure what to do next. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Ok, another update in case anyone else has this issue.. That fix appeared to have solved the issue but then it came back. I think the issue is Steam ( When I right click on Steam in the tray icon it shows a "loading icon" like it is doing something. In "Documents" in Windows If I create an empty folder it takes about 3 - 5 seconds. If I delete it, the delete operation happens and it takes 3 - 5 seconds to update and show the folder as gone and the Recycle Bin shows the folder.


I've just updated to Steam Beta client and will see if it is fixed or if the issue goes away.



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