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How to share a drive with a PC that has no password?


Sir Topham Hatt    242

I have PC 1 which I have data on.

I want to transfer it to PC 2.


PC 1 has a password (although I might change it as there is only ever one user).

PC 2 does not have a password.


I have made both PCs discoverable via a private network.


When I am on PC 1 I can see PC 2 but it tells me I can't connect to it as "blank passwords are not allowed".


I don't really want to put a password on PC 2.


Is there a way I can share a drive on each PC without having to have a password on both?


Alternatively, can I set a password but when turning each PC on, it just logs me on automatically?

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+BudMan    3,260

Yes to both your questions..



1. Go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy.

2. Browse the Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options... Look for "Accounts: Limit local account use of blank password to console logon only"

3. Select Disabled and APPLY.



1. Open the Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center.

2. Click to Password protected sharing.

3. Select "Turn off password protected sharing" and APPLY.


Just google on how to have windows autologin when you have password set..

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Sir Topham Hatt    242


I should add I'm on Windows 10 - of which both of those, while I recognise them, now can't find how to get to them in Windows 10.


EDIT:  It appears Windows 10 Home doesn't have this stuff.

Edited by Sir Topham Hatt

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