Are you with Windows 10 or Windows 7?

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Windows 10, because I'd rather not screw with BIOS settings just to go to an older operating system.


EDIT: And because I have an update-barred CPU, and I'm too lazy to hack the OS to where it would accept the updates.


EDIT 2: I really do miss those days, y'know? I remember being a kid who owned a low-end vista machine who was very hyped about Windows 7. I finally got a copy in Christmas 2010, did a clean install, and stuck with Windows 7 until the motherboard shorted out for some reason just after Windows 10 came out. Sometimes I long to go back to those days.

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Nick H.

On one of my laptops I'm on Windows 10. Due to Windows 8 being installed on the laptop by default I jumped to Windows 10 as soon as it was officially launched.

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I left Windows 7 with tears, because, it was perfect for my need, and was working great.

But I have to move on with time and technology, so I embraced Windows 10, Now Im happy with it.

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Windows 10 all the way. I stopped using Windows 7 completely as soon as 8.0 was released so I haven't really touched it in a long time. Even at work we replaced Windows 7 with 8.0 (later 8.1) rather early on. It was good to see the back of issues with folder redirection, folder synchronisation and offline files (some of which were not fixed until after Windows 8 was well in place). 


For Home use, I always saw Windows 7 as a significant downgrade from Vista. The visual style is simply not as nice in my opinion. Also there are couple of attention to detail things with it that never got fixed. The busy cursor is missing a frame of animation as is the window close\open animation. There were a few other things which just seemed to flow much better in Vista to the point where I actually just went back to it in the end and pretty much skipped Windows 7 completely. Going from Vista to 8.0 on release. 

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I have one PC that still runs Windows 7, our Media Center PC in the living room. This has a Quad DVB-T2 tuner in and still works great. Pointless upgrading as Windows Media Center was discontinued after Windows 7 and is not usable on Windows 10 without hacks.


I've made it so the Windows Media Center guide data can be downloaded OTA, so the lack of guide data from Microsoft is not an issue either.


At some point I do plan to switch over to Plex or Kodi with one of the various DVR addons to replace WMC, however at this point I still feel WMC is still the more polished product, despite not been updated for almost a decade. Plex does everything else better though, so that's the top contender at the moment as DVR support does seem to be improving now.


Other than that everything else is on Windows 10. Windows 10 is a great improvement in many areas, especially when using a 4K display.

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