Volume Issue when headphones plugged in

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Ai1601    0

Hi all,


I’m hoping to receive some help on this issue I discovered yesterday. Don’t know how long it’s been going on for but fairly recent I’d imagine. 


With headphones plugged in, I couldn’t raise volume on Windows using the slider (or any other method) to above 37.  I could move the slider but it would keep going back to 37, as if 37 was the top limit. Took headphones out and all fine. Tried various settings and searched the net but to no avail. 


Rolled back the Realtek driver to a previous version and this time with headphones plugged in I can move the slider but the actual volume doesn’t increase past 37. Again,  works fine when the headphones are taken out. 


Appreciate any help and suggestions. 


I have a Samsung laptop running Windows 10 1803 which is the latest version here in the UK. 

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helpifIcan    45

Maybe a safety feature to prevent hearing loss??????  Don't use head phones so I can give a definitive answer just an idea.

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Nick H.    10,779
3 hours ago, Ai1601 said:

Appreciate any help and suggestions.

I don't know if you've already tried this, but after a quick Google I found this article which suggests the following to reset the sound controls:

  • Goto the Control Panel
  • Go in to the Sound settings
  • Select "Communications"
  • Select "Do nothing" and then select apply.

I'm on my Linux machine at the second so I can't check if those instructions are correct, but apparently it's supposed to reset the sound. I'll check later when I get a chance. If you try it before me let me know if it works or not.

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