How to move one file/folder from laptop to PC?

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5 hours ago, Technique said:

Just wondering if you read my post or if you just took a guess at what I may have said and responded to that instead? 

did you run chkdsk /r ?

This will check the disk for bad sectors and tries to put the files back together if they are in an area that has bad sectors.


If it is not a bad sector issue, you can load up phonerescue and see if it will even view any info in the backup  It isn't over the top expensive $50, but try before you buy so you can see if it can do anything.  


Another software alternative is EaseUs MobiSaver, but it is $60 vs $50.  Again, try before you commit to purchase.  It will allow you to restore 1 picture and 5 contacts before requiring you to purchase.  


I have used both of these softwares and they both do a decent job...I have never had a corrupt file to deal with though.


I would at least try chkdsk to see if it will allow you to copy the file off.


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