Finding which videos in a directory of various videos are H.265?

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Elliot B.

I have a directory of over a thousand mixed H.264 and H.265 mobile phone videos.


Is there a way I can filter them in Windows Explorers, so I can move them to H.264 and H.265 folders?


I've checked which columns I have available to me in Details view but none seem relevant.

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I doubt it... But you should be able to use something like mediainfo, which you can just load the dir and setup report to list the codex in easy to view format of just file name and codec or writing lib to show you what the file is..   Problem is there is no easy way from there to move them.. But you could export the report then use that to do a batch to move the specific files, etc.

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if linux had access to the folder you could do it really easy with say a python script ;)  I believe there is a few examples of such scripts out there you could just grab.

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