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Large small business IT management setup

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UseLess    160

We're currently a "large" small business of about 10 people and muggins here (me) is doing the IT on mostly voluntary basis (family thing). 


It's a fairly simple setup with a local file and RRAS server, 2 remote sites via WiFi bridge, about 5 local users and 5 laptops that are remote from the office. No fancy AD set up as the laptops are always away and we're running terrible internet (1mbit up) and I don't trust all devices staying connected to the domain. Local SIP system set up. All employees are running standard Android phones. 


We've had about 3 weeks of issues; server disk failed (no data lost), some desktop computer and application issues. The boss isn't happy with the IT manager so the question has come up, what do other businesses of this size do, how do they manage it, and how much roughly do they spend? 


Are there typically companies that support this size or business? Roll out upgrades and think of improvements? We really can't justify the cost of a full time IT manager on site. 


If anyone has any Australia specific info, that'd be a bonus! 

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