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Prone to flooding this time of year in your basement? Get a wyze camera.

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A while ago I had purchased a $26 Wyze camera from Amazon but really hadn't used it much. I just set it up so I could look at my living room when I wasn't home. I had put it on a voice-controlled outlet so I knew it couldn't turn itself on by itself and I would point the outlet towards me so I could see the red light and know the camera was on.


The midwest is currently suffering some major record-breaking flooding. I'm on the high part of town so I'm alright, but if I'm going to get any water in my basement it's going to be under my stairs. Normally it doesn't flood unless the gutter above my front steps spills over. I had removed the ice out of it so that wouldn't happen and it didn't. My gutters were not overflowing. My guess is all the ice and snow that melted on top the ground still came in.


At first, there was a little puddle and I cleaned it up and it wasn't amounting to much. So I checked in 30 mins later. When I walked under the steps I instantly stepped in water. There was a lot of water and it was still coming in. Long story short it's the worst I've ever seen it in the 11 years I've lived here but  I got it taken care of and I'm drying out the carpet in the basement as we speak.


i thought let's put that little wyze camera to use. So I put it under steps and have the cord going up and over the coat rack so it's elevated off the floor. So now I have a live view under my stairs. The app only supports iOS and Android. I'm accessing it on my via an android emulator.


Had I had this setup yesterday I wouldn't have had NEAR the amount of water in my basement that I have now because I would have seen it instantly and started sucking it up and wouldn't have let it have 30 mins to run into my basement.


I also put it on my iPad when it was supposed to rain last night. Then every 2 hours I rolled over in bed and looked at the iPad to make sure no water was coming in, didn't have to get out of bed.


Long story short, if you have unlimited bandwidth and have a spot that floods, put one of these $26 cameras in that spot and watch it so you catch it early.



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