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    • By +warwagon
      It's adorable!  

    • By Steven P.
      We have a member pics thread somewhere, but I thought it would be cool if we had a pic promoting mask wearing.
      If you have a face mask due to the COVID-19 pandemic, post a selfie!
      This thread is not intended for discussion for or against mask wearing, although you can leave a comment as to the reason you wear one.
      If you do not have a mask, or are against wearing a mask I ask that you kindly refrain from posting in this topic, you can start a discussion on it elsewhere if you really want.
      Anyway it is intended for a bit of fun.

      In The Netherlands you must wear a mask on public transport, and as I needed to use public transport a couple of months ago, I bought a washable mask and used it for that purpose. Mask wearing isn't compulsory in the grocery store though.
    • By +warwagon
      My dad was cleaning above his old shed (that he is about ready to tear down)... and he came across the original boxes of the Apple 2gs Woz edition.




      Even though the boxes look filthy, I'm surprised they are in such good condition. They have probably been up there since the 80's
      Here is a photo of the Woz Edition computer we still have ..
      "The first 50,000 Apple IIGSs manufactured had a reproduced copy of Wozniak's signature ("Woz") at the front right corner of the case, with a dotted line and the phrase "Limited Edition" printed just below it. "

    • By +warwagon
      It always makes me laugh when I see this recommendation appear on the front of the Google TV launcher!