I just got my drivers license!


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Long story short, when I was living in Oregon, I apparently got a traffic citation and since I knew nothing about it I continued to drive. One snowy early morning I ended up getting stuck at the bottom of a hill, so I called the local PD and asked if they could help, well this is a super small town right off the interstate, so the cops are rather notorious for writing tickets over small infractions, an officer comes out and helps me, then proceeds to inform me that I was driving on a suspended license and impounded the vehicle and gave me ride to my mother in laws home. I was unable to make the court date that I was given (for driving while suspended) and I called the court and explained this to them, they told me to come at a different time, which I did, but there was no court that night, so they ended up finding in there favor (of course) and hit me with fines. Now this was 15 years ago, and I knew my license was suspended, and I attempted to reach out to the collection agency that was handling the issue, and I requested that they send me something in the mail to show me how much I owed, but they never did. I finally contacted them last week and asked for an amount that they would settle for, and my brother-in-law paid it for me! Today I went to the tax collectors office (which in Florida is where we get all the DMV stuff) and ended up having to pay a $60 fee to reinstate my license (this was due to an accident that I was in where I was hit on my bicycle and pushed into the street, so I got cited for leaving the crosswalk) as well as the $48 it cost to issue a license, but it is paid and I have a drivers license again!

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