Russian spy plane flies over Area 51 and other secret military bases, report says


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Maybe they'll find the long lost aliens.  👽


Anyway...for those not wanting to watch a video ... this is nothing.




There is a peaceful purpose to the missions and they began in Northern California. The aircraft is flown as part of the Treaty on Open Skies between the U.S. and Russian Federation, which took effect in 1992. Under the agreement, unarmed military planes from both countries are allowed to fly over each other's territory.




An Air Force spokesperson said the plane was inspected for compliance before it took off from Travis. U.S. observers were also onboard the aircraft to monitor all phases of the flights.


The Air Force has its own version of an Open Skies surveillance plane, and so far this year, it's conducted three missions over Russian sites. In December, the U.S. carried out an "extraordinary" flight over Ukraine after Russia seized three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea. The Pentagon, citing the Open Skies treaty, had said the U.S. and allies conducted the flight "to reaffirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine and other partner nations.‎"





CBS News

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