YouTube kids not available. Looking for alternatives

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Hi guys. I don't have YouTube Kids in my region and I am looking for alternatives. Kindly advice on something suitable. 

I can use something like OpenDNS family shield to protect websites, but I don't think that something like that will work for YouTube app.


Note: I am well aware of networking like DNS and Linux servers. What I mean is I am all open for anything.




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Brandon H

a VPN app should be able to get around the region restriction :)


edit: if it's the store blocking the download of the app I was able to find the following with a quick google search that may help as well

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I think some VPN providers will provide content filtering, I've seen something like that, never bothered to look deeper tho. Something like this:

That's just an example tho, I've never used purevpn, I hope this helps

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