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xendrome    5,262

Yeah so you need your proxy cert installed on that VM so it's trusted.

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+BudMan    3,365
17 hours ago, SoCalRox said:

Common Name (CN) ZZZwebproxy.ZZZ.com

That clearly is someone else - but you didn't actually look at the ISSUER!


Here - what is the details of the CA that issued that cert.




But yes as been stating from the get go.. You have some proxy upstream doing MITM on your https traffic and creating their own certs for where your trying to go... So yeah your browser doing what it should be doing is telling you hey something freaking wrong here!!!  The CA that signed this cert is not a trusted CA..


Or it could just be the page is BLOCKED and your being redirected to the proxy block page to tell you why and since your going via https you will not view it since stuff doesn't match and you don't trust the CA, etc.  Really thought went over this in great detail at the very beginning of this thread.


If you want let your browser trust that CA, then you need to set that up... Get with your IT guys..  If you do not know how to do that, or don't have access to the CA cert.  You could prob pull it from another device/browser that is trusting it.


You can go to some https site, look to see who the ca is, that you trust - go to your authoritaties and find that CA cert and export it, then import into your other machines browser..



I have some different CA's that I created and trust on my home network, very creatively named "home" hehe  So I could export that and use that in another browser so it will then trust all certs created by the home-ca CA.


Example - here is local site running unifi controller software, see how nice pretty green icon on the https url, browser trusts this CA..



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