Windows 10 Account Photo from AD Using GPO/Powershell

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Hi All,

I am add photos to user accounts in Windows 10 via GPO/Powershell/AD and having no luck.


I have installed Codetwo's AD Photo application and set the photo's correctly.


I have set up a script to run in GPO at log off which should synch the photos from the server to client PC and is not working.


function Test-Null($InputObject) { return !([bool]$InputObject) }
$ADuser = ([ADSISearcher]"(&(objectCategory=User)(SAMAccountName=$env:username))").FindOne().Properties
$ADuser_photo = $ADuser.thumbnailphoto
$ADuser_sid = [System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent().User.Value
If ((Test-Null $ADuser_photo) -eq $false) {
$img_sizes = @(32, 40, 48, 96, 192, 200, 240, 448)
$img_mask = "Image{0}.jpg"
$img_base = "C:\ProgramData\AccountPictures"
$reg_base = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AccountPicture\Users\{0}"
$reg_key = [string]::format($reg_base, $ADuser_sid)
$reg_value_mask = "Image{0}"
If ((Test-Path -Path $reg_key) -eq $false) { New-Item -Path $reg_key }
Try {
ForEach ($size in $img_sizes) {
$dir = $img_base + "\" + $ADuser_sid
If ((Test-Path -Path $dir) -eq $false) { $(mkdir $dir).Attributes = "Hidden" }
$file_name = ([string]::format($img_mask, $size))
$path = $dir + "\" + $file_name
Write-Verbose " saving: $file_name"
$ADuser_photo | Set-Content -Path $path -Encoding Byte -Force
$name = [string]::format($reg_value_mask, $size)
$value = New-ItemProperty -Path $reg_key -Name $name -Value $path -Force
Catch {
Write-Error "Check permissions to files or registry."


The guide that I have used can be found here


I have Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Pro.


Any idea's what I am doing wrong?


Many thanks.

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