Dual monitor setup - Second monitor fully freezes

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I'm currently running a dual monitor setup. My main monitor is connected via HDMI, and my second via DVI. Sometimes, my second monitor will freeze. If I drag a window from my main to my second monitor, the window will slide off my main monitor as it should, but the second monitor will not update. The clock on the second monitor will also be frozen. Windows always recognizes that the second monitor is plugged in, but the image on the monitor will not update.
If I unplug and replug the DVI cord on the second monitor, the screen remains black but I can now move my mouse onto the second monitor and see it moving around. I can solve the issue by restarting my computer, but it's becoming more and more of a hassle to have to restart my computer everytime this happens.
Does anyone know the root of the issue or where I can begin troubleshooting?

Thank you!

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try new drivers? swap the monitors around, set the other as primary, does it work on its own?


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