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Q: Network analyzing & collecting tools?



Hi all,

Apologies if this has a thread somewhere....

I would like to know what people are using for network analyses, free/OSS or paid solutions.
And with analysis I mean a more or less simple way to collect data about:
- All computers on the network,
- The OS and applications installations/versions
- Network traffic/port use

So a 'security risk' based check of the hardware and software running, so you can plan some security hardening on your systems.

I know about applications like WireShark for network traffic checks, but would like to know if there are applications out there that can collect a lot of data at once.
There's quite a few apps out there, but it's interesting to see what people actually using for this.

cheers for any tips, links etc.


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It helps do understand what actual hardware your working with.. For your switches for example - do they support snmp, can they send flows?  Do they support span ports.


Its highly unlikely that all the things you mentioned can be handled all by the same tool.

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Nagios can do a lot, so can splunk, and even graylog.  Network teams use a specific set of software, desktop teams use a different set of software, systems teams might use a combination.  

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It sounds like you are looking for a device management solution, like Connectwise, Kaseya, Microsoft Intune, SolarWinds, etc.

There are some enterprise security programs out there, usually marketed as endpoint anti-malware or endpoint detection and response (EDR) that do this as well.


Aryeh Goretsky

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Cheers all!

What about the KomodoLabs tools, Slitheris & Newt? Anyone has experience with these tools? Or are these too 'lightweight'?

But thanks for all the tips! Will investigate further on this :)
And I don't mind using several tools, as long as some of the data will come out on top at some point.

@goretsky: Are you linked to ESET in some way? Just curious ;)


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I'm one of the many researchers that works at ESET, @Dutchie64.



Aryeh Goretsky

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